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Sole Therapy

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Registered with the Association of Reflexologists



A Statement Aboput Privacy

Your data is important. Where I handle your data, it is in accordance with UK Data Protection Act 2018 (that's the UK GDPR equivalent). To comply with this, I have a well documented procedure for making sure your data is safe & that I only keep data I really need and for as long as I need it.

As part of this, it is very important that you know:


How to contact me about the data I hold on you

I may be contacted by email, telephone or post at the registered address above this policy. Please do NOT contact me by Facebook about data protection matters. Please note that it is important we both keep a permanent record so I recommend post. As stated below, some communications about data cannot be dealt with by email.


What data I hold

As a professional practitioner, it is important that I am fully informed about your general wellbeing. Performing holistic therapies without a comprehensive understanding of the health of the patient would be highly irresponsible. Because of this this, I may hold details of any medical conditions, current or previous medication taken or general information about your health and wellbeing.


What is the basis for holding this data?

Under UK DPA 2018, there are 6 reasons that organisations may hold data on you. Of those reasons, I hold data:

From enquiries, on a basis of "legitimate interest" (the data is held because it is in the interest of both of us, such as me being able to contact you to answer your enquiry!). After arranging your first appointment, on a basis of "contractual" (we have a business relationship).


Access to - and correcting - your data

It is important for both of us that your data is accurate and up to date. I will always check that the details are correct at each appointment. If you wish to contact me to update or correct some information I have, then feel free to write to the registered address above, call or (initially) email me. I do NOT accept updates to personal details through Facebook.

If you ever desire a copy of your information at any time, please feel free to ask by mail, phone or email. I will NOT accept requests for data through Facebook. If requesting by email, I will require further confirmation through mail or telephone; the security of your data is paramount and I will make every reasonable effort to keep it secure.


Your right of erasure

I may retain a copy of your data for a number of years after your final appointment; this is a requirement of the insurance that I require as a professional practitioner. If you feel that your details should be removed earlier than this, then I will make every effort to make this happen, though it may require an indemnity agreement to be signed.


3rd Parties

I will never pass on your details to third parties without informing you first and obtaining your consent that it is appropriate.


Loss of, or unauthorised access to, your data ("Breaches")

While I will make every possible effort to ensure your data is kept safe, in the unlikely event of your data being lost or stolen, I will inform you (and the Information Commissioner's Office ) at the earliest opportunity. I retain a second, independent, copy of your contact details for this purpose.



None of the data I hold leaves the UK, whether in paper form or electronic.


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